When you fall, everyone stands

little-bird-heart said: Hey, I live in London turn 18 in January and want to start roller derby then have you got any tips? I want to at least get the hang of the skating part before then was going to buy the volt skates but after your review I'm not to sure where to start?


Yeah avoid the Volts like the plague!

Reidell R3’s are good enough for starters, or Suregrip GT50 if you have wider feet (Reidells are not kind to wide feet!) - but i’d actually recommend just getting them second hand - new ones usually come with crap wheels that are no good anywhere, and if you fall in love with skating/derby you’ll soon want to upgrade to something better. Also saving all the money - I don’t personally feel that those skates new are good value, but second hand is fine (especially if they come with better wheels on ;) or no wheels so you can pick your own)

There’s a dedicated Facebook group for second hand derby gear - invest in your protective gear at this stage!

If you do want to buy new, I recommend the hell out of Double Threat - these guys know their stuff, it;s a dedicated roller derby store run by two of London Rollergirls finest.

If you want somewhere to skate, I recommend this It’s in one of London Rollergirls’ training venues near Bermondsey and is open to everyone (but you must have all the gear) Join the group and people will help you out (as well as when you’re actually there, everyone is lovely). It’s on a Friday night, 8-10pm. Or get some outdoor wheels and go to a park in the sunshine *BEST FUN EVER*

LRG’s next freshie intake will probably be in a few months time, we still have a fresh meat course running, they have about 5 weeks left, if you go to LRG’s website you should be able to sign up to be notified when the next intake is. There’s also London Rockin’ Rollers too (don’t know when their next fresh meat intake is) and Croydon Roller Derby.

Anything else, just ask :)


Wow would you like some boob with that bra


We’re all going to be robots one day!

Scientists have created a bionic hand which allows the amputee to feel lifelike sensations from their fingers. Read more here

A Danish man received the hand, which was connected to nerves in his upper arm, following surgery in Italy.
In laboratory tests he was able to tell the shape and stiffness of objects he picked up, even when blindfolded!

Its so beautiful that someone can regain feeling in their hand, a sense of normality, a sense of life. However it’s scary how he can feel so much through something made out of metal, one day i’m assured we’ll all end up as robots. 

As long as we don’t lose sense in the beauty of the world, it won’t bother me!





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